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Assessment – Bakery Products

Final week of bakery products (bread) and a thank you cake for and from our chef Rob..

Assessment task – 2 x Vienna loaves, 2 x Baguettes, 6 x knotted rolls and 6 x plain round rolls


Week 8 – Whatever you want bread day

So this week, we had the freedom to choose a few different yeast goods that wanted to do, so I chose Croissants.. haha.. but others had Mexican buns, Danishes, Tortillas, Naan bread, Korean peanut butter bread and another custard bun thing.. This was probably the most fun we have ever had in class as it felt like a real bakery, each of us doing our own thing and able to try each other’s products later on.


Week 7 – Sweet dough bread

We made a russian plait (hazelnut filling), apple and custard scrolls and hazelnut/apple custard finger bun/rolls


Week 4 – Bread Rolls

More yeasty goodness… Soft Bread Rolls and Crusty Rolls: Burger and Hotdog buns, Mini Ham and Cheese Pizzas and Various Knots.


Week 3: Yeast Goods

I was actually quite looking forward to this unit as I have never done breads before and this gave me the opportunity to work with Yeast goods to get to know it’s properties and behaviour more. By the way, our products are available at the Angliss Bakeshop (along LaTrobe Street, between King and Spencer Streets.. look out for the signage, it’s within the William Angliss Institute compound) usually from lunch time onwards or early the next day. Everything is really cheap and be sure to take advantage of it!!

This week, we did quite a fair bit of goods:

  • Bienenstich (Beesting)
  • Streuselkuchen with cream cheese topping
  • Fruit buns
  • Coffee scrolls
  • Finger buns (very typical Oz bread, with buttercream icing and desicated coconut topping)
  • Croissants (Plain, Almond and Chocolate)
  • Danishes (Fruit and other toppings)
  • Donuts
  • Savarins and Babas (Rum)
  • Stollen (German Christmas Bread)
  • Brioche (Typical French Bread)
  • Cholla (Jewish Bread)


Assessment for Yeast goods: 12 fruit buns (knotted), 12 coffee scrolls, 12 plain croissants and 12 assorted croissants (likely to be almond/chocolate), ALL PASSED TOO!!

Intro to Traditional French Pastries

This was meant to be the first class (before the gateaux) but then it was full in August, so they put me in for the October one. Here are the pics from my very very hard work in trying to learn and produce yummy french pastries this weekend. Note that all pastries seen below have been made from scratch, hopefully.. will never have to buy frozen ones again!

1. CroissantPlain, Apricot/Pear/Strawberry Danish, Raisin Scroll (also known as Escargot.. cos it looks like a snail) and Almond Croissant.

25102009(004)  24102009(012) 25102009(016)

2. BriocheParisienne and with raspberries/sour cherries/chocolate

25102009(025) 25102009(026) 25102009(024)

3. Puff Pastryusages: Sausage roll (whoops, no picture, we ate it all for lunch), twists (cheese/cinnamon sugar), Vanilla slice

25102009(027) 25102009(020)

4. Savoury – Quiches (making the dough too)


5. Afternoon Chocolate Tea Cake (glazed with ganache and flaked almonds)


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