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An oceanside celebration..

So I was referred on by a friend to bake some cupcakes for friends of hers who were celebrating their commitment to each other. The theme was Oceanside and I came up with the cupcake concept and also decorated the cupcake tier myself. I hired the cupcake tier and bought most of the material from Spotlight (Navy blues and white rope). The venue was at The Victorian, Albert Park.

Ocean: Silver paper, Chocolate mud cake, Blue & White Vanilla icing and Belgian Chocolate seashell (white marbled)
Beach: Gold paper, Vanilla cake, Salted caramel icing, Toasted coconut and Belgian Chocolate seashell (cream marbled)


And now for the more professional shots taken by Gavin Luu, friend and photographer who also takes photos for Joanie of OneWeddingWish. Thanks soooooo much Gav!!


Thanks J&C for the honour and I had such a great time doing them for you.. wishing you all the happinness for years to come!

Down by the sea

So last month, I received a message from a friend and she had friends that wanted some cupcakes for a commitment ceremony. The theme ‘Oceanside’ was picked as the ceremony is going to be near Albert Park. So after much consultation, here is a sneak preview of what I gave J&C for a sample:

It was any combination of a Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake base, Vanilla (Blue) icing, Caramel icing, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate ganache and Chocolate seashell.


So, after much thought and sampling, J&C chose the two left most cupcakes; Chocolate base with Vanilla (Blue) icing and chocolate seashell and the Vanilla base with Caramel and Toasted Coconut and chocolate seashell for the ceremony. I am really looking forward to it in October, J&C were really nice and I wish them all the best.

Joanie’s Bridal Brekkie

A beautiful friend of mine had asked me quietly whether I’d do her some brekkie for the bridal party whilst they were getting ready for the wedding in the wee hours of the morning.. I was really flattered and it was actually my first official order (with a quote and company logo, etc). She even packed some of the items for the boys in an eskey as they were getting ready in another house.

Although this was 2 years ago, I think back to that time because she recently did a first for me as well when I had asked her to produce a bridal bouquet for my sister at her registration last February (click on her Blog and scroll down to ‘One Wedding Wish’s First Wedding Bouquet’. Through the years, we have both grown so much with our businesses and friendship and it was indeed my pleasure to help her out and vice versa. I am proud to call her my friend because she always goes above and beyond for everyone and I hope that our adventures together will continue on for years to come.. cheers Joanie my dear!

Here are the pics of her bridal brekkie. She had chicken avocado, egg mayo and cheese tomato sandwiches, Chocolate and Banana mini muffins and fruit platters.


Me the busy bee..

Its been awhile.. here’s what I’ve been up to..

1. Helping LT and JL with their pre-wedding invitations.. I’m doing their bonbons too.. which will be in November.. soooo excited.. have to also think about how to decorate the white box which will contain the cupcake. They’ve chosen, lemon cupcakes with a lemon frosting and chocolate chip cupcakes with a strawberry frosting..

13092009(010) 14092009(002) 14092009(007) 14092009(008)

2. Made a tiramisu and chocolate hazelnut mousse for 2 different parties: one of which was a housewarming and the other was learning how to make pasta at a friend’s place.. of course my contribution was italian themed, the tiramisu.. my goodness, it took us ages to make pasta, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again any time soon..

 28092009(001) 01102009(003)

3. New scone recipes.. here’s the first one, a sticky date and cinnamon scone.. turned out quite fragrant! Might need to eat with fresh cream or butter but certainly not jam, cos it might overtake the date flavour..


A birthday, engagement and wedding…

oooh.. bet that got your curiousity.. naaah.. none of which are mine, not yet anyway.. haha..

Just received 3 orders to think about, some are still pending as its just at the “quote” stage:

1. a 1st birthday – banana cupcakes, might be arranged in a number 1
2. an engagement – lemon cupcakes with buttercream frosting
3. a wedding – vanilla and choc cupcakes or heartshaped sugar cookies

will tell more once I get the samples photographed..

Sharon and Brian’s Wedding

It was my pleasure and definitely and honour to do this wedding cake.. it was 88 cupcakes and a 6″ mudcake on top. Sharon is my sister’s friend from Secondary School. Congrats you both and may God bless you abundantly. The weather was great and I even had people asking for orders.. =) coolz! The red ones are vanilla and the brown ones are chocolate chip.. ENJOY looking!!

 front view mudcake vanilla buttercake chocolate cupcake

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