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Foodie Events

So this year, I decided to volunteer my time at some well known Melbourne Foodie events.. had heaps of fun, met loads of people and I am looking forward to more opportunities later this year.

1. March 2010, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival: Ticketing and Information at the Cellar Door event


2. June 2010, Good Food & Wine Show: Ushering at the Celebrity Theatre event
The last picture is all the goodies I managed to score from working there


3. August 2010, Taste of Melbourne: Back of House, assisting restaurant chefs (Pop Up restaurant: Izakaya Den)
The menu was Corn Fritters with Green Tea Salt, Spicy Tuna Tataki and White Sesame Mousse with Tapioca
The last picture is little cakes I bought from Sweet by Nature. They were absolutely fabulous!! (L->R: Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Sticky date, Passionfruit cheesecake, Lemon Meringue and Choc Mousse)



Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

starts tomorrow.. 12th to 23rd March, check out the website There’s heaps of things to do/see, eat and drink!! Applied a couple week’s back and only just heard back from them today. Will be volunteering there on Saturday 2oth and Sunday 21st from 11am-4pm at the Cellar Door (Southgate). Make sure you come visit me if you’re free… yahooo!!

Orders galore

So I brought my Sticky Date Pudding recipe to the cafe and the Chef absolutely loved it.. it’s going to be featured in the Volunteers Dinner in June.. *happy happy joy joy* will update you on how it goes..

Then, a church friend asked me to make special princess cupcakes for her little girl’s birthday this weekend.. so excited.. all pink and glittery.. will post the end result later..

My superb businessman uncle also mentioned, perhaps I should start looking at catering from home, doing cakes and desserts for people and let the word spread around.. so, I had a think about it and I guess why not.. if you are interested or know of anyone who might want a home made cake or dessert.. I don’t mind getting a foot in the door (or so they say).. just message me and I’ll see what I can do, perhaps I’ll put up some menu options and prices sometime this month.. stay tuned..

A chance to prove myself

GOOD NEWS!! Thanks be to God!

I found a position… wasn’t exactly what I thought I would be involved with, but nevertheless, it’s a start. It’s a place called ‘Best Chance Training’ (see links for website) and I will be starting next Tuesday, volunteering my “skills” once a week in the cafe there for the next 6 months or as long as they’ll have me or as long as I have no other job to go to.

It started out as a referral from the Food Safety Trainer (the course which I did at Monash) back in November last year. She passed my name on to the Volunteers Coordinator at BCT and I was called in for an interview. Yes, it is a volunteer position and I guess I’d rather be doing this and gaining some skills than to sit around and wait for another cafe to call me. The position will definately help me as I will be preparing meals, making coffee, handling the cash register, cleaning up and also helping to prepare for functions (catering). So basically, it’s everything and because it’s a voluntary position, it won’t be as demanding nor will they have such high expectations. I’m there to learn and hopefully it will work out for both parties.

BCT seems like the perfect environment to be in, it’s actually a Childcare and Family services non-profit organisation. Have a read about their VISION and MISSION:

VISION: To be recognised as a leading independent provider of holistic children’s services in early childhood and associated life issues. Creating a world standard place where families can and want to come.

MISSION: Create and deliver in an extended family environment, services that are practical, reliable and responsive to the life issues experienced by families and their children, with an emphasis on early childhood.

You can read more about them from their website. It really feels good to be part of this, the people seem really friendly, will keep you updated as I go along. Wonder if I’ll get to take a few pictures while I’m at it. If you’re in the Glen Waverley area, be sure to stop by on a Tuesday cos I’ll be there from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Address is on the website.

Wish me luck everyone!!

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