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Happy Baptism my lovely one!

Here are the photos… sugar cookies, one white and one green because his middle name is Patrick. His mom is then going to pack it into a white organza pouch with a nice card thanking everyone for attending the Baptism on Sunday.. lovely lovely lovely!



Sugar cookie comparison

I tried 2 different recipes, one from a kids cookie book and the other from online at The Joy of Baking.

The kids cookie recipe was hardier cos it had egg in it, and didn’t have to rest it that long, 15 mins in the fridge. However, The Joy of Baking one was tastier as it had salt and vanilla essence in it.

All in all, I think they both did the job, probably will pick the hardier one as I have to ice them and they have to last longer in the cellophane lolly bag..


The ultimate cookie challenge

Looking for fun and new recipes.. also cos my soon-to-be Godson will be baptised at the end of the month and been researching with his mom to find the ultimate cookie to include as a thank you/give away to those who attended.. And she’s coming over today to check out my other baking books for a display cake.. by the way, did I forget to mention that this lady once owned a cafe in Mauritius and she is like the ultimate baker/business woman??!!

Last year, experimented with the Easter cookie and a little foot for another friend’s baby’s baptism.. here’s what turned out..


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