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Small bump in the road

So I figured that it was going to be a bit hard looking for a job especially since I lack the necessary experience that the hospitality industry needed. But then, I figured out that it’s a never ending circle.. if no one wants to give me a job because I don’t have the experience, then where the heck am I going to get the experience if no one hires me??!!

I just sent in my resume to a few places that I was interested in and I had a feeling that people weren’t too keen.. or maybe I just lack the confidence.. like, one place the lady didn’t even bother shaking my hand when I extended it to her, another one just put my resume on a shelve and one more asked me straight away ‘do you know how to make coffee’..

I was somewhat taken aback at the abruptness and bluntness of the industry.. I spoke to a close friend today who was a sommelier and has been in the F&B industry for a long time, even worked with Stephanie Alexander.. and he had much to share about this business.. he said that I have to be brutal because they are brutal.. they need to know what you know or want.. they’re not going to waste their time figuring it out for you.. so if I want to be in the ‘front of house’ then I need to know about waitressing, taking orders, the touch screen front of house systems, handling the cashier, etc. but then if I want to be in the ‘back end’ then I have to have my food handling certification, coffee making, baking, or at least some paper backing..

So of course.. I’m now freaking out cos it’s all so overwhelming.. I don’t even know whether I’m up for this.. How do I do this? If I had the money and time, I’d just do a course and get my certificate III in hospitality, but I need my Monash job to pay the bills and rent, so I can only afford to do this part-time. Also, if I don’t get a F&B job soon, I’m going to have to drink water and eat bread in the next couple of months.. I dunno guys.. pray for me.. pray that I find the courage to get over this small bump in the road..

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