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Assessment – Modelling Marzipan

So we had to do 5 items, 2 x 100g figurines and 3 other types, 1 plague and it had to be themed.

I made a Christmas-themed display: 2 x reindeers, 1 x santa, 3 x presents, 1 x christmas tree on a snow-capped plague.. I got an ‘A’.. yahoo!!


Examples of which I found on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFFpB4Ym2mo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q59ipQ5xiGk


Week 4 – Modelling Marzipan

We made fruits.. soooo cute!!


Week 2 – Modelling Marzipan

First task – basket, next part – flowers for the basket. Here’s my first attempt at roses for my basket.


Week 1 – Modelling Marzipan

So, been wanting to learn this for ages, and now a new class for term 4, we get to sit around for 4 hours each week for 6 weeks modelling marzipan, figurines, flowers, etc.

This is the start of a plague and basket for some flowers next week.


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