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Week 4 – Gateaux, Tortes and Tarts

Missed out on the Chocolate Apple Caramel Calvados cake last week, but nevermind, this week we did the prep work for a Passionfruit Mousse cake and chef had one of the groups experiment a new cake, Honey Safron with Madeleine base.



Raph’s 21st Birthday Party

So I had part-volunteered to do this for Raph’s party cos it would have been an awesome learning experience catering for a function and also I have known Raph for about 5 years now and it was such a privilege to be “part-of-the-family”…

Catered for 150 guests, all desserts of course: 1. Gourmet Jelly Slice in Wine Taster glasses (mango vanilla, pandan coconut and raspberry vanilla) using Pannacotta as the middle rather than the usual jelly slice ingredients, 2. Dark Choc Ganache Brownies and Walnut Brownies and 3. Banana cake with cream cheese icing


Chloe turns two..

Once again my dear friends asked me to do their little girl’s birthday cake, last year, it was pink princess cupcakes, but this time it was a super challenge, a MIFFY cake.. Many people asked me ‘what is a MIFFY cake?’, well, I didn’t have a clue until Drey started tagging me in photos with a little bunny. Apparently, Chloe’s dad had gone to Japan and brought back lots of Miffy merchandise, a lunch box, an apron and other bits..  so she went crazy about this bunny.. Here are the pics from the process and also I made Coconut Pannacotta with Pineapple Jelly for dessert.

MIFFY cake: Banana cake base, Cream Cheese frosting, cut out White Icing/Fondant Bunny, Liqourice straps for the outline and chocolate fudge for the bear and writing. NOTE: This banana cake recipe was fail-proof.. it was so moist and yummy and it held it’s shape very well when trying to decorate.


Bistro Week 3

To book for dinner until 16 June, visit the website or call William Angliss.

Coconut Pannacotta with Pineapple and Mango Confit served on a Tuille


Bistro Week 1

To book for dinner until 16 June, visit the website or call William Angliss.

Warm Orange and Almond Pudding with Cinnamon Syrup and Vanilla Anglaise


Week 4: Hot and Cold Desserts

So this marks the final week of crazy 8 hour a day pracs a.k.a Summer mode.. did I forget to mention that most of the items we had this week had to be plated up Restaurant standard, what a challenge that was!! It was a brilliant finish to the 4 weeks and now I’m back to 3 nights a week, which means I can find a part time job, hopefully in a bakery/patisserie nearby or in the city..

So for Week 4, we did:

  • Vanilla poached pear with chocolate sauce
  • White wine fruit jelly
  • Crepes with mixed fruit flambe
  • Ice cream, Sorbet and Parfait
  • Bombe Alaska
  • Brandy snaps and Tuille
  • Creme brulee and Creme caramel
  • Sticky date pudding
  • Sabayon, Butterscotch and Anglaise sauces and Strawberry coulis
  • Chocolate bavarois
  • Macadamia tart
  • Bread and butter pudding
  • Souffle (Vanilla, Chocolate and Hazelnut Grand Marnier)


And for Assessment: 1 x Chocolate Bavarois (including 1 x Brandy snap) and 1 x Souffle, both plated up Restaurant standard


Me the busy bee..

Its been awhile.. here’s what I’ve been up to..

1. Helping LT and JL with their pre-wedding invitations.. I’m doing their bonbons too.. which will be in November.. soooo excited.. have to also think about how to decorate the white box which will contain the cupcake. They’ve chosen, lemon cupcakes with a lemon frosting and chocolate chip cupcakes with a strawberry frosting..

13092009(010) 14092009(002) 14092009(007) 14092009(008)

2. Made a tiramisu and chocolate hazelnut mousse for 2 different parties: one of which was a housewarming and the other was learning how to make pasta at a friend’s place.. of course my contribution was italian themed, the tiramisu.. my goodness, it took us ages to make pasta, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again any time soon..

 28092009(001) 01102009(003)

3. New scone recipes.. here’s the first one, a sticky date and cinnamon scone.. turned out quite fragrant! Might need to eat with fresh cream or butter but certainly not jam, cos it might overtake the date flavour..


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