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An oceanside celebration..

So I was referred on by a friend to bake some cupcakes for friends of hers who were celebrating their commitment to each other. The theme was Oceanside and I came up with the cupcake concept and also decorated the cupcake tier myself. I hired the cupcake tier and bought most of the material from Spotlight (Navy blues and white rope). The venue was at The Victorian, Albert Park.

Ocean: Silver paper, Chocolate mud cake, Blue & White Vanilla icing and Belgian Chocolate seashell (white marbled)
Beach: Gold paper, Vanilla cake, Salted caramel icing, Toasted coconut and Belgian Chocolate seashell (cream marbled)


And now for the more professional shots taken by Gavin Luu, friend and photographer who also takes photos for Joanie of OneWeddingWish. Thanks soooooo much Gav!!


Thanks J&C for the honour and I had such a great time doing them for you.. wishing you all the happinness for years to come!

Some of my favourite things

So I hadn’t seen some friends in awhile.. so when I was invited for a get-together, I jumped at the chance to bake some goodies..

2 types of brownies: dark choc ganache and dark choc walnut and little pandan cupcakes with kaya


Down by the sea

So last month, I received a message from a friend and she had friends that wanted some cupcakes for a commitment ceremony. The theme ‘Oceanside’ was picked as the ceremony is going to be near Albert Park. So after much consultation, here is a sneak preview of what I gave J&C for a sample:

It was any combination of a Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake base, Vanilla (Blue) icing, Caramel icing, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate ganache and Chocolate seashell.


So, after much thought and sampling, J&C chose the two left most cupcakes; Chocolate base with Vanilla (Blue) icing and chocolate seashell and the Vanilla base with Caramel and Toasted Coconut and chocolate seashell for the ceremony. I am really looking forward to it in October, J&C were really nice and I wish them all the best.

Foodie Events

So this year, I decided to volunteer my time at some well known Melbourne Foodie events.. had heaps of fun, met loads of people and I am looking forward to more opportunities later this year.

1. March 2010, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival: Ticketing and Information at the Cellar Door event


2. June 2010, Good Food & Wine Show: Ushering at the Celebrity Theatre event
The last picture is all the goodies I managed to score from working there


3. August 2010, Taste of Melbourne: Back of House, assisting restaurant chefs (Pop Up restaurant: Izakaya Den)
The menu was Corn Fritters with Green Tea Salt, Spicy Tuna Tataki and White Sesame Mousse with Tapioca
The last picture is little cakes I bought from Sweet by Nature. They were absolutely fabulous!! (L->R: Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Sticky date, Passionfruit cheesecake, Lemon Meringue and Choc Mousse)


Perfect little Pandan cake

So experimented with pandan again and it turned out really well, pandan cupcake with kaya filling, tasted like pandan chiffon cake..


Busy weekend

So I wasn’t able to make it for Week 5 Bread class but, had a valid reason, baked a whole lot of stuff for a church cake stall and also a birthday for a friend’s son

Church cake stall: Blueberry muffins, Lemon Cupcakes (with lemon curd and buttercream icing) and Vanilla cupcakes with Rose scented icing


Birthday boy: Vanilla cupcakes with blue coloured vanilla icing, bears and stars decoration


Jungle Fever Completed!

Here are the pics from today’s order for a 7th Birthday… 36 cupcakes (12 vanilla, 12 orange, 12 banana) and green vanilla icing, jungle animals cake board and decorations.


Only because I can..

In preparation for the Jungle Birthday cupcakes this weekend, came a last minute order for Joyce’s bday.. she wanted banana cupcakes with strawberry topping.. similar to Chloe’s.. will post up pics later once completed.

1st look at the cupcakes..


Completed cupcakes, hope you liked it Joyce…


And I was bored.. so I baked.. lemonade scones with strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream


Jungle Jingle Jangle

Here’s a preview of the Jungle themed birthday cupcakes I will be making next week..

The cloth for the board, 3 different choices..


The edible toppings..

White cupcake base, a choice of vanilla, orange and banana cupcakes with pale green buttercream icing .. stay tuned for the final product!

Another Kid’s Party..

Had a call last weekend for 4 dozen cupcakes for a friend’s kid’s end of year party at the childcare place.. And also 8 remaining cupcakes to give some friends/relatives (in boxes).

Here are the cupcakes.. and hope that the kids loved it.. =) Nut-free, gluten-free, banana cupcake with strawberry or vanilla icing and all nut-free toppings..


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