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Where have you been all my life??

Finally bought my KitchenAid Artisan Tangerine Coloured Mixer.. yaaahooo!!! Thanks to my sister, mom, cousin and soon to be brother in law and Monash staff who chipped in to help me purchase it.

Also went over to R&T’s house to make R a croquembouche for his birthday and christen ‘TAI-GRRR’ (yes, I named my mixer.. haha) and must remember next time to use baker’s flour and not plain flour.. Thanks R&T for the opportunity to try it out and for your lovely kitchen!!



Week 2: Pastries

The following week was equally insane.. I think we are really being pushed to our limits, this is what summer school is all about, in some aspect I love it cos we only have to concentrate on one Unit but at the same time it’s driving me insane cos we are working 8 hours a day non-stop and then after 6 lessons, it’s assessment time already!!

Including pracs, we have theory units such as ‘clean and maintain kitchen’ and food safety procedures, etc.. and we have to pass all 3 theory Units to move on to next term! Talk about pressure!!

Anyway, here’s what we did for week 2:

  • 3 methods of puff pastry – English, French and Scotch
    • Apple turnovers
    • Mille Feuille
    • Sausage Rolls
    • Cinnamon Sugar Twists
  • Frangipane Tartlets
  • Quiche using savoury short pastry
  • Fruit flan using sweet short pastry
  • Choux pastry – Profiteroles and Choc Eclairs


Assessment was 10 frangipane tartlets, 6 profiteroles and 6 choc eclairs, also passed the theory and prac!!

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