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Step 2: Getting organised…

Hi Everyone.. It has been a crazy busy 2 months.. Updates updates:

  1. Working as a Chef with Peter Rowland Catering few times a week.. really learning a lot, with Production work and Events and Functions at their beautiful venues!!
  2. Finishing up work with William Angliss Institute, gosh.. time flies when you’re having fun..
  3. Finally registered my business name with Business Victoria
  4. Bought a .com, mynichegroup is designing and preparing my website, more to be revealed soon
  5. Still working at Food Festivals.. absolutely love it

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A new blog.. hopefully a fresh start..

So.. after much thought.. I decided that it was time to start a new blog site, multiply was kinda cramping my style…

Continuing on from my multiply site, this new blog will contain some of the old postings (re-vamped) and will from now on be my play-by-play of my journey towards me starting up my own baking/catering business.

I hope to post more things over the next few days, so be super patient as it’s all Work-In-Progress!!

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