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Some of my favourite things

So I hadn’t seen some friends in awhile.. so when I was invited for a get-together, I jumped at the chance to bake some goodies..

2 types of brownies: dark choc ganache and dark choc walnut and little pandan cupcakes with kaya



Raph’s 21st Birthday Party

So I had part-volunteered to do this for Raph’s party cos it would have been an awesome learning experience catering for a function and also I have known Raph for about 5 years now and it was such a privilege to be “part-of-the-family”…

Catered for 150 guests, all desserts of course: 1. Gourmet Jelly Slice in Wine Taster glasses (mango vanilla, pandan coconut and raspberry vanilla) using Pannacotta as the middle rather than the usual jelly slice ingredients, 2. Dark Choc Ganache Brownies and Walnut Brownies and 3. Banana cake with cream cheese icing


Baked with Lurrve..

In this section, I will first tell you about all the baking I’ve done over the years so you can see the reasons (who they were for) and how it came about..

1. Chilled cheesecakes (still unable to master the baked ones)
MANGO – sister
OREO – sukeats
PEACH – mom, sister
HONEYCOMB (violet crumble, crunchie)
BAILEYs – my favourite

2. Fruity cakes
FRUIT CAKE (with french brandy) – cake decorating class
APPLE teacake – office
BANANA CHOCOLATE sponge cake – vince
STICKY DATE pudding (with butterscotch sauce) – shah

3. Cupcakes
VANILLA with buttercream icing – office
VANILLA with marzipan topping – office
VANILLA with rainbow icing – easter bake sale
CHOC with buttercream icing – bel
RASPBERRY with buttercream icing – office
SPICED (with mixed fruit) – christmas bake sale

4. Biscuits/Cookies
Choc chip
Shortbread (with almonds and plain) – Agnes, aunt O.Lin
Peanutbutter choc chip
Plain with toppings (smarties, crunchie, etc)
Scones (plain, sultanas)
Sugar cookies (for weddings, baptisms)

5. Other cakes/slices
TIRAMISU (contributed by my cousin Gen) – jane’s hens night
CREME CARAMEL (contributed by Raj) – aunt O.Lin
SCONES (sultana and plain)
MUD CAKE – for a wedding
WESTALL CAKE – peanut butter and nutella experiment

I think that’s it for now, if I remember more, I’ll put them in. I’ll also put up some of the photos from the list above in the photo section (if I can find them in my computer).. Enjoy!

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