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Raph’s 21st Birthday Party

So I had part-volunteered to do this for Raph’s party cos it would have been an awesome learning experience catering for a function and also I have known Raph for about 5 years now and it was such a privilege to be “part-of-the-family”…

Catered for 150 guests, all desserts of course: 1. Gourmet Jelly Slice in Wine Taster glasses (mango vanilla, pandan coconut and raspberry vanilla) using Pannacotta as the middle rather than the usual jelly slice ingredients, 2. Dark Choc Ganache Brownies and Walnut Brownies and 3. Banana cake with cream cheese icing


Chloe turns two..

Once again my dear friends asked me to do their little girl’s birthday cake, last year, it was pink princess cupcakes, but this time it was a super challenge, a MIFFY cake.. Many people asked me ‘what is a MIFFY cake?’, well, I didn’t have a clue until Drey started tagging me in photos with a little bunny. Apparently, Chloe’s dad had gone to Japan and brought back lots of Miffy merchandise, a lunch box, an apron and other bits..  so she went crazy about this bunny.. Here are the pics from the process and also I made Coconut Pannacotta with Pineapple Jelly for dessert.

MIFFY cake: Banana cake base, Cream Cheese frosting, cut out White Icing/Fondant Bunny, Liqourice straps for the outline and chocolate fudge for the bear and writing. NOTE: This banana cake recipe was fail-proof.. it was so moist and yummy and it held it’s shape very well when trying to decorate.


Busy weekend

So I wasn’t able to make it for Week 5 Bread class but, had a valid reason, baked a whole lot of stuff for a church cake stall and also a birthday for a friend’s son

Church cake stall: Blueberry muffins, Lemon Cupcakes (with lemon curd and buttercream icing) and Vanilla cupcakes with Rose scented icing


Birthday boy: Vanilla cupcakes with blue coloured vanilla icing, bears and stars decoration


Jungle Fever Completed!

Here are the pics from today’s order for a 7th Birthday… 36 cupcakes (12 vanilla, 12 orange, 12 banana) and green vanilla icing, jungle animals cake board and decorations.


First Birthday for 2 tots..

Here are the pics from the First Birthday for a church friend’s grandchild and her friend..

Pink for Girls – Banana cupcake and strawberry frosting with different sprinkles


Blue for Boys – Vanilla cupcake and vanilla frosting with different sprinkles


2 First birthdays

Last minute order for 4 dozen cupcakes for a First birthday party this weekend.. I can feel the icing sugar calling me! haha..

Chloe turns One!!

My friends asked for a favour last month, to celebrate their little girl’s birthday with fun and no fuss.. so we came up with Banana Cupcakes and Strawberry Icing.. here are the pictures! I was there late morning to set up and then we partied from lunch time to after dinner.. thanks guys, had a great time with all the L-A-M-E jokes! haha..

tinkerbell cupcakes tinkerbell cupcakes 1 tinkerbell cupcakes top

And then for dessert, I made the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse which I learnt from the Gateaux Class.. made everyone addicted to it! Superb!!

choc hazelnut mousse

A birthday, engagement and wedding…

oooh.. bet that got your curiousity.. naaah.. none of which are mine, not yet anyway.. haha..

Just received 3 orders to think about, some are still pending as its just at the “quote” stage:

1. a 1st birthday – banana cupcakes, might be arranged in a number 1
2. an engagement – lemon cupcakes with buttercream frosting
3. a wedding – vanilla and choc cupcakes or heartshaped sugar cookies

will tell more once I get the samples photographed..

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