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The Heart and Soul of my Baking Journey coming alive

6 months have gone by.. what next?

Hi Everyone.. been insanely busy the last 6 months.. just a quick update:

  1. Finished my course and now am a qualified Pastry Chef
  2. Moved house – nice new bigger oven.. WOOHOO!
  3. Found a job.. with William Angliss Short Courses working as the Communication Coordinator
  4. Been working with Peter Rowlands Major Events
  5. Still baking for friends and family .. orders have been coming in steadily..
  6. New Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/HeartsoulDesserts
  7. New Twitter account http://twitter.com/heartsoul_dsrts
  8. And all linked up to my WordPress account for updates

What’s next?

  1. Looking forward to upgrading my website
  2. Registering my kitchen??!!
  3. Registering my business
  4. Working harder to find a job in the Industry that allows me to grow (finding a mentor will be part of this too)
  5. Perhaps organising some baking classes for 2012..

Stay tuned!! xox Charms


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