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Short Course: Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

While I was in Malaysia for 2 months on a “school break”, a friend invited me along to a newly opened Academy Pastry Arts in Petaling Jaya. Being out of the kitchen for a couple of months, I began to have slight withdrawal syndromes from baking, so I took the opportunity to sign up for the 2-day ‘Art of Modern French Pastries’ short course. I was introduced to Chef Niklesh Sharma (Managing Director & Executive Pastry Chef at Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia and Head Pastry Chef at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel), Chef Guillaume Lejeune (Director of Pastry studies at Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia) and Chef Wei Loon Tan.


When I first walked in, I noticed the wide open spaces, the shiny new benches and equipment, cake displays and friendly atmosphere, they even have a dedicated chocolate room!! I felt very at home when I put a freshly ironed chef’s jacket and white apron on. The course was 2 full days and we managed to get through quite a lot… Vanilla mousse cake with mixed berry jelly, Cerise sur le gateau, Chocolate brownie cake, Chocolate tarts and Macarons. The chefs were friendly and helpful to students and even though I had learnt a lot more over the last year at school, there were still a few tips and tricks that I picked up from them.

First day: Almond sponge, vanilla mousse, mixed berry jelly, chocolate fondant, chocolate walnut brownie, rice crispies with chocolate (croquetine), hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate ganache and some pictures of the yeast goods prepared by the other class.


Second day: Chocolate mousse, shiny chocolate glaze, macarons, chocolate tarts, glaze for the vanilla mousse cake, chocolate chantilly AND of course finishing all the cakes with the decoration.



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One thought on “Short Course: Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

  1. Which course that u take? I also want to take the short course because i’m studying here but i also want to have some pastry class outside my campus. That this is what i really want to do.
    How much the tuition fee for that 2 days?
    Thank you so much ^^
    i hope to see ur reply :’)

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