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On a break.. what a year!!

As I pack my bags and head home for the “school break”, I look back at the year I’ve had and think about all the awesome people I’ve met and the many many experiences of which money can’t buy. I thank God for such understanding parents, a supportive sister and brother-in-law and cousin and most of all for all those out there who’ve supported my efforts in my journey towards making my dream a reality.

Highlights of the year include:

  1. Having my profile in a careers magazine (thanks to Jade and Hans)
  2. Volunteering for 4 foodie events of which I met so many chefs, made so many new friends and experienced what it was like to be in the Industry
  3. Meeting Pierrick Boyer and Adriano Zumbo..
  4. Working in a Cafe Claremont and networking with other Chefs who have verbally offered me a job for next year.. stay tuned!
  5. Buying a property.. moving soon.. hopefully mid next year!

Lowlights of the year include:

  1. Having minimal income and having to budget my finances
  2. Losing some close friends, Rest In Peace dear ones..
  3. Learning how to accept things that may not necessarily go to plan..

Looking forward to:

  1. My trip home..
  2. My sister’s wedding
  3. Meeting up with all my friends and spending more time with family
  4. Coming back to Melbourne with a refreshed, renewed and joyous spirit
  5. Finishing off my course (only 6 more months to go)
  6. And finally, moving to the West!

Here’s wishing all of you a very very Blessed Christmas, a Smashing New Year and a safe holiday season!! Thank you everyone again for your support, advice and love!! See you all next year!!!!!

Love, Charms

Please take NOTE that I won’t be taking any orders until February 2011.. Thanks!!

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