Heartsoul Desserts

The Heart and Soul of my Baking Journey coming alive

Made to order..

Cooking on Wednesday Nights at the William Angliss Bistro until 16 June. Dinner Service starts at 7pm.
Note: Ignore the menu, hasn’t been updated to Term2 yet.
Choice of 3 course meal only $29.50. You can order individual items as well.
Correct at time of post, refer to website for alterations to both menu and price.

Hope that you guys will give it a go!

This is what I have so far, in (brackets) is when I’m assigned to which dish..
The unfortunate/fortunate part is that I’m doing desserts quite a fair bit but well, I guess it is my forte.. haha..

1. Soup of the day – usually with bread (12/5 – bread only)
2. Pasta/Rice/Potato of the day
3. Spicy fish cakes with hot sour salad with lime aioli
4. Twice baked leek and parmesan souffle with red capsicum sauce (9/6)
5. Warm pressed duck salad with orange fennel salad and vin-cotto glaze

1. Char grilled sirloin steak with lentils, beans and confit cherry tomatoes
2. Pan fried fish of the day with pickled peppers and egg plant with hand cut chips
3. Southern fried mustard chicken with cucumber, chorizo and corn salad (26/5)
4. Autum vegetables cassoulet with parsley crumbs

1. Chocolate and apricot tart with raspberry jelly (16/6)
2. Warm orange and almond pudding with vanilla bean anglaise and cinnamon syrup (5/5)
3. Coconut pannacotta on mango and pineapple confit (19/5)
4. Cheese plate (12/5)

Tournant (2/6) – runner and assisting 2nd chef


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