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A beautiful day with beautiful friends..

So on Saturday while the sun was shining, we really had not much planned but in the end spent almost the whole day out and night in the city.

Firstly, we stopped by Terra Rossa on Flinders Lane for lunch and the food was not bad, we had a couple of pastas and pizzas and M had a special. The ambiance I would say far out-did the food but I would like to go back there and try more only because I don’t think we did the place justice yet.. oh and the coffee was superb!

Then we swung by Federation Square for the start of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival for some free tunes, it’s still on until 8th May, so check out yo! (saw the zombies walk by too..)

On to a place for dinner, we walked around aimlessly for a bit then headed to Coconut House on Elizabeth Street for some home cooked Malaysian food.. yumm!! Been trying to get the gang to go there for ages.. and they were so glad they finally did!

Lastly, we went to a bar called The Workshop.. and had a couple of cocktails, it was cheap and fabulous! Definitely going back there again!

Unfortunately, no pictures to entice you all but well, maybe it’s time to get a camera.. haha..

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