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Around the world with 80 sandwiches

Hmmm.. I don’t usually say yes to savoury/cafe/sandwich stuff (which is a lie in itself cos I always say yes to anything.. haha) but.. this was one that I couldn’t quite turn down.. a challenge.. nah.. a fun experience.. maybe.. don’t know, perhaps will know after I complete it.. LOL..

I’ve got to do 80 sandwiches for a funeral, yeap.. a funeral tomorrow.. and it was because I’m helping out some really really good friends.. whom forgot to order the sandwiches from the usual place this past weekend.. so here we go.. will post up some pictures later on, and yes, will be doing it in their commercial kitchen so, that pretty much covers the fact that I can’t trade from my house.. ;P

I did do sandwiches for Joanie’s Bridal Brekkie

and also learnt it at the cafe I used to work at, so crossing fingers that they like it so that in future, I will get more orders..


Here’s the pics from the 80 sandwiches: 1. Curried Egg + Lettuce, 2. Chicken Mayo + Apricots + Mushrooms, 3. Ham + Cheese + Tomato, 4. Beetroot + Tomato + Cheese + Lettuce. And I was so blessed to have a couple of chef friends to come and help.. really really appreciated it!



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