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Joanie’s Bridal Brekkie

A beautiful friend of mine had asked me quietly whether I’d do her some brekkie for the bridal party whilst they were getting ready for the wedding in the wee hours of the morning.. I was really flattered and it was actually my first official order (with a quote and company logo, etc). She even packed some of the items for the boys in an eskey as they were getting ready in another house.

Although this was 2 years ago, I think back to that time because she recently did a first for me as well when I had asked her to produce a bridal bouquet for my sister at her registration last February (click on her Blog and scroll down to ‘One Wedding Wish’s First Wedding Bouquet’. Through the years, we have both grown so much with our businesses and friendship and it was indeed my pleasure to help her out and vice versa. I am proud to call her my friend because she always goes above and beyond for everyone and I hope that our adventures together will continue on for years to come.. cheers Joanie my dear!

Here are the pics of her bridal brekkie. She had chicken avocado, egg mayo and cheese tomato sandwiches, Chocolate and Banana mini muffins and fruit platters.


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