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Week 3: Yeast Goods

I was actually quite looking forward to this unit as I have never done breads before and this gave me the opportunity to work with Yeast goods to get to know it’s properties and behaviour more. By the way, our products are available at the Angliss Bakeshop (along LaTrobe Street, between King and Spencer Streets.. look out for the signage, it’s within the William Angliss Institute compound) usually from lunch time onwards or early the next day. Everything is really cheap and be sure to take advantage of it!!

This week, we did quite a fair bit of goods:

  • Bienenstich (Beesting)
  • Streuselkuchen with cream cheese topping
  • Fruit buns
  • Coffee scrolls
  • Finger buns (very typical Oz bread, with buttercream icing and desicated coconut topping)
  • Croissants (Plain, Almond and Chocolate)
  • Danishes (Fruit and other toppings)
  • Donuts
  • Savarins and Babas (Rum)
  • Stollen (German Christmas Bread)
  • Brioche (Typical French Bread)
  • Cholla (Jewish Bread)


Assessment for Yeast goods: 12 fruit buns (knotted), 12 coffee scrolls, 12 plain croissants and 12 assorted croissants (likely to be almond/chocolate), ALL PASSED TOO!!

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