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Week 2: Pastries

The following week was equally insane.. I think we are really being pushed to our limits, this is what summer school is all about, in some aspect I love it cos we only have to concentrate on one Unit but at the same time it’s driving me insane cos we are working 8 hours a day non-stop and then after 6 lessons, it’s assessment time already!!

Including pracs, we have theory units such as ‘clean and maintain kitchen’ and food safety procedures, etc.. and we have to pass all 3 theory Units to move on to next term! Talk about pressure!!

Anyway, here’s what we did for week 2:

  • 3 methods of puff pastry – English, French and Scotch
    • Apple turnovers
    • Mille Feuille
    • Sausage Rolls
    • Cinnamon Sugar Twists
  • Frangipane Tartlets
  • Quiche using savoury short pastry
  • Fruit flan using sweet short pastry
  • Choux pastry – Profiteroles and Choc Eclairs


Assessment was 10 frangipane tartlets, 6 profiteroles and 6 choc eclairs, also passed the theory and prac!!


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3 thoughts on “Week 2: Pastries

  1. well done charm!

  2. Wow! You are always so impressive, Charm… All the best! 🙂

  3. Li Ting on said:

    Yuummyyy…looks verrryy GOOD Charms. Keep it up!

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