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Week 1: Cakes and Food Safety Hygiene

So we rocked up on the first day and had 8 hours of Introduction and Orientation and then a quick lunch break followed by our first theory class about OHS and food safety hygiene..

The next day it was Prac already in the kitchen and I was up at 6am and out of the door by 7am and then in my chef whites by 8am to start class.

The whole week, it was half theory and half prac and lots of assessments and assignments online to complete.

Prac was CAKES, we did:

  • Sponges (Traditional and Genoise)
  • Jam swiss rolls
  • Scones
  • Sweet muffins (choc banana and apricot blueberry)
  • Mudcake
  • Brownies
  • Light fruit cake – this one saving for our cake decorating class later on

Assessment was 12 x scones and mudcake decorated, and I passed the prac and theory!! yahoo!!



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