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Intro to Traditional French Pastries

This was meant to be the first class (before the gateaux) but then it was full in August, so they put me in for the October one. Here are the pics from my very very hard work in trying to learn and produce yummy french pastries this weekend. Note that all pastries seen below have been made from scratch, hopefully.. will never have to buy frozen ones again!

1. CroissantPlain, Apricot/Pear/Strawberry Danish, Raisin Scroll (also known as Escargot.. cos it looks like a snail) and Almond Croissant.

25102009(004)  24102009(012) 25102009(016)

2. BriocheParisienne and with raspberries/sour cherries/chocolate

25102009(025) 25102009(026) 25102009(024)

3. Puff Pastryusages: Sausage roll (whoops, no picture, we ate it all for lunch), twists (cheese/cinnamon sugar), Vanilla slice

25102009(027) 25102009(020)

4. Savoury – Quiches (making the dough too)


5. Afternoon Chocolate Tea Cake (glazed with ganache and flaked almonds)


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One thought on “Intro to Traditional French Pastries

  1. very yummy charm….

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