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Me the busy bee..

Its been awhile.. here’s what I’ve been up to..

1. Helping LT and JL with their pre-wedding invitations.. I’m doing their bonbons too.. which will be in November.. soooo excited.. have to also think about how to decorate the white box which will contain the cupcake. They’ve chosen, lemon cupcakes with a lemon frosting and chocolate chip cupcakes with a strawberry frosting..

13092009(010) 14092009(002) 14092009(007) 14092009(008)

2. Made a tiramisu and chocolate hazelnut mousse for 2 different parties: one of which was a housewarming and the other was learning how to make pasta at a friend’s place.. of course my contribution was italian themed, the tiramisu.. my goodness, it took us ages to make pasta, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again any time soon..

 28092009(001) 01102009(003)

3. New scone recipes.. here’s the first one, a sticky date and cinnamon scone.. turned out quite fragrant! Might need to eat with fresh cream or butter but certainly not jam, cos it might overtake the date flavour..


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