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An update for the sake of…

1. updating as I have to keep this site going..

2. informing you all about what’s been happening .. which hasn’t been much (trust me!)

3. proving to myself that this isn’t just an airy-fairy idea..

ok so.. here goes..

– I’m out of a cafe job cos the place I was volunteering at closed down as they were loosing money and cos the cafe wasn’t their main business trade and they needed to allocate their funds accordingly, so currently looking for another cafe job

– I’m thinking of buying a property but then realising that having my income drop by 1/2 this year due to switching to part-time isn’t helping my situation..

– i love working for church but wanting to do it full-time isn’t going to pay my bills.. =(

– with the fact that I really need to put my ideas on paper for this shop I want to open (what? in a year or so??!) sighh.. it’s just that people have so much faith in me and with the talent I have, this is supposed to be easier.. but it doesn’t feel easier

– I’ve 2 wedding cake orders, a few misc cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and scone orders in the next couple of months to fulfill.. so that’s a plus point..

so that’s it so far.. you know, even though I have been complaining about how quick the year has gone by and it’s already September, I also just want this year to pass.. and perhaps something new will come along with 2009..

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One thought on “An update for the sake of…

  1. Just read through some of your posts. I know exactly how you feel!!! Things definitely don’t get easier and even with the goals you set and you know what you want to do, getting there takes so much persistence and positive thinking. I hope things are going well for you and just keep on baking, get the momentum going. You make wonderful desserts and wish you all the best!

    p.s thanks for reading my blog, really encouraging to see that people read what I have to say hehe.

    Best of luck,

    x Sheryl

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