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The Beauty of God at work

So it’s been a month and I cannot deny the hand of God at work in my life. Sometimes, I try so hard and when I don’t see immediate results, I get frustrated. Whereas there are times when I don’t even try.. things just seem to fall into place. I am constantly in awe of the many blessings God has showered upon me and even more amazed at the many times He has shown me a better path even though I resisted..

So, I now work at Monash doing what I love (being with my students) 3 days a week, Tuesdays at the Cafe in Best Chance Training (as a kitchen hand) and at church (which is the highlight of my week) on Fridays. I’m also heavily involved in the upcoming World Youth Day in Sydney (July 14-20). I know you may think that most of this doesn’t have anything to do with my dream to open a cake/coffee shop, but honestly, you wouldn’t believe how much it does..

Firstly, if it wasn’t for my dream, I wouldn’t have dared to go part-time at Monash (being comfortable for the last 5 years), then in doing so, it has opened so many other avenues for me to give my life to serve others. I find that the more I venture out, I meet so many different people and am slowly gaining more knowledge/skills about how to run/open a business. I’ve met store owners, people who’ve had and sold their businesses, people who are currently in the industry who are giving me tips, people ready to share their lives with me (which will prepare me for listening to them if I open my own place – people skills), friends who have given me ideas or suggestions, most of all, parents/family who have given their full support even though this may seem so out of my comfort zone. Faith that it will all work out.. faith that will eventually lead me through my ups and downs.. faith that God will open doors for me and show me the right path..

So.. I’m just going to trot along, if you manage to be in the area on Tuesdays, come drop by and say hi.. =) I’m the sandwich queen-wannabe at the moment and have started on making desserts.. which I must admit is the best part of my day .. haha.. I’ve also made sausage rolls for parties, a roast vegetable pasta, raspberry cake and cookies.. tata for now..


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