Heartsoul Desserts

The Heart and Soul of my Baking Journey coming alive

The Prologue

So the love for food began when I stepped into this country.. the freshness of the ingredients, the friendliness of green grocers and most of all the readily available good food at every corner.

I knew that somewhere in me, there was a cook ready to step out.. I come from an endless stream of knowledge and skills of food as my aunts and grandmas have always always surrounded me with food (which also explains my prosperity.. haha). It never had to be an occasion or special reason, they just loved to cook. It was their way of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’. Being the youngest on dad’s side and one of the eldest on mom’s side really can have it’s many many benefits. Youngest meaning spoilt by the best food and elder meaning to taste the food before the younger ones had the opportunity.

Although I love cooking, I must admit that in the last few years, I’ve begun to lean towards baking and have found out that I enjoy it much more. I believe that it has been partly due to my ability to re-create my family and friends’ favourite desserts. They have largely contributed to my experimenting with new recipes or old-fashion favourites.

So, through these pages, you will soon discover my love for food and my future plans.. stay tuned!

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